About Big Al Herrera

"The Rustic Guy"

Al Herrera, owner of Big Al’s Heavy Metal Furniture, creates one-of-a-kind custom furniture using repurposed materials. You don’t have to buy new furniture to redecorate your house. Buying refurbished and repurposed furniture isn’t only an eco-friendly trend in home decorating, it also leaves buyers with one-of-a-kind, unique pieces that can last a lifetime.

The man behind Big Al’s Heavy Metal Furniture in Brentwood is an expert at giving reclaimed wood, metal and furniture new life and purpose.

“Repurposing is a big deal,” said Oakley resident Al Herrera, who 

owns the company. “I think everyone should try repurposing furniture at least once in their life to see how something old can become something beautiful and truly unique.” 

Herrera designs and creates one-of-a-kind furniture and home accessories by hand, using repurposed materials. Most of his pieces contain a fusion of vintage metal and wood.

From kitchen tables made from the beams of an old barn, to wine racks, benches and custom sliding barn doors, to artwork and accessories, Herrera’s pieces have a unique vintage feel.

“It’s amazing what’s out there,” said Herrera. “People throw away materials that shouldn’t end up in a landfill.”

Once he finds old materials, Herrera uses design techniques to bring them back to life, including burning wood to bring out natural grains, using wax to create a beautiful sheen, and blacksmithing methods to transform and incorporate steel into his designs.

His customers also have the option of creating their own designs for him to build. He brings them in halfway through the completion of a custom project to see if they want any last minute changes.


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